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Script Feedback > need help with turbol SST  
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Jabezz the Bold

Joined: Sep 2005

posted: 10/08/2007 at 01:22 PM Post #1

i always play blue - but i wanted to try red as our team is laging a red player right now. i banged a game to try turbol out. i gave myseld 25k in experience and -7k in aliment. i got one extra ship to take along as well. i entered that ship's numer in the ship file. all it seems to be doing is droping figs. every 3-4 minutes it gets to a ports and hangs up and starts to go to some other sector 7-10 away. it is not making any $$. i tried it with swath auot haggle boht off and on. i know it is a good script but i just can't get it to wrk

Joined: Dec 2005

posted: 10/08/2007 at 06:34 PM Post #2

the start of turboSST is an explore/lay fig routine that gathers port that are xxB, it will keep doing this until it gets a bank of usable ports.  Then it positions the ships and runs the actual cash routine.  If you put in the wrong steal factor, it'll just bust like hell and refurb you. 
The refurb routine will mow you to your refurb port, this time in a rapid mow, no scanning.  This is fast enuff to get past casual players, but will get ya smoked by someone with some game..
So make sure your settings are right, and let it run for a bit.  Remember, it's an unlim casher, so don't even try to use it in a low turn game.

Hope this helps, I'm sure others can add plenty.

Joined: Jan 2006

posted: 10/10/2007 at 09:10 PM Post #3

The script is great, but like crosby said, -VERY- easy to track, you could started and i could mow to where you hitting figs and catch you in no time flat. Be very carefull running it with real players.
Script Feedback >  need help with turbol SST
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