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Jabezz the Bold

Joined: Sep 2005

posted: 11/20/2007 at 06:03 AM Post #1

any chance you can help me - either this next rebang or the one after SD will be hidden and the normal 6 in and 7 out will be changed. what i'm looking for is real simple - scout sectors at a pre set interval from a starting sector - example you start in sector 1000 and you can sey iy to scout sectors in intervals of 25 - 1020-1050-1075-1100-1125  and so on. if it hits an alien sector have it retreat and void that sector and continue from where it left off - you should be able to put the ending sector in because games range from 5k to 20k. there should be an option of useing scaners (either yes or no) or not - in this game there will be nore til SD is found. should not requirs a ztm either.

any idea where i can get something like this or would you be interested in doing it or giving me a modifed version of yours with the need for a ztm and scaner turned off??
Jabezz the Bold

Joined: Sep 2005

posted: 11/20/2007 at 11:57 AM Post #2

here is an update after more thought on it

must be able to run without any scaners or a ztm first. these should be optional so you could run this if you had them. option to drop figs or not - option to drop figs every "X" sector visited. after you get to a sector that you want to start at you enter the interval of secotrs between taget sectors to go to - so if you start in sector 2000 and put in 25 it would go to 2025 2050 2075 3000 - or if you put in 10 it would be 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2060 2070 2080 2090 3000, also it should have a tartget sector to stop at. that way if there are more then 1 person running it the search could be divided up. retreat and void out any alien sector it goes into, and puts that sector in a file then broadcasts that sector over SS radio, if it receives a message like that it will void that sector if not already voided. put the 0-ports to a list and broadcast that over SS, option to trade as it goes with either haggle or no haggle, when it droped below "x" number of figs it would go to sector 1 and buy what it can - but keep 10k in cash to start trading with. after it referbs it would go to the next sector on the list. this would be run with twx / swath combo. 

it would wrk like a combo path blaster / unexplored sector / world trade script for early in a game esp for games where SD is hid. if anyone wants a project i will pay a reasonable amt. add ons that i might have missed would be welcomed

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