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TWX Support > World Trader that drops 1 armid, 1 limpet, 1 fight  
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Joined: Oct 2008

posted: 10/01/2008 at 08:42 PM Post #1

Title really says it all.  I am looking for a TWX 2.03 or SWATH compatible World-Trade Script that will put 1 mine of each down along with a fighter, and will not be scared to go into an enemy sector with 1 mine/1 limpet in it.  Also, maybe it clears those sectors.. I have checked the database, but I'm at a lost for all the terminology.  Is a gridding script what I'm looking for?  Do gridding scripts WT?  Could someone direct me specifically to one please?


Joined: Jul 2006

posted: 10/08/2008 at 08:22 AM Post #2

Gridders do not World-Trade. For a very good reason.  Far as I know there isn't a public script that will do what you're looking for. I would suggest studying the world-trde script that comes with TWX (2_WorldTrade.ts), and modify it to do what you want.

Note: Though I've never done this, you can add 'extra' commands to 2_WorldTrade.ts, and have it lay mines as it goes..  I suppose the best 'extra' command string might look something like: fz1*zcd*h1z3*zc*h2z3*zc*  ..this lays 1Corp fig, 3 Armids and Limps.

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