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Kid Death

Joined: Apr 2005

posted: 02/17/2007 at 07:01 AM Post #1

To whom it may Concern,

    It have had the pleasure of coming into, open source, untouchable, untainted,source scripts! I have been a fan of the Tw RPG,
Online Series, since the BBS days, in the 1980's. There are things in this game that I relate two, in the eccomerce intell, distrubtion, as to promote the integrity of this style of Role Playing Games.

    I would like to announce at this time, the unvailing of the next generation S'_cript_z, Trademark PENDING, Reserved. 2007,
As well as A , "Bug_Zilla.prog. . ." TM, Reserved.com

    There OUR contributing, sources that wish not to be revelied @ this TIme, in the makin of the TRADEWARS. PlEAse allow me to introdeuce the following,

1. WSST.cts
2. SSF.cts
3. SFG.cts
4. C  .CFF
5. H  .Cts
6. L  .open.source
7. H  .ts
8. I  .cts
9. L  .cts
10.H  .L
11.L  .M
12.H  .K
13.L  .L
14.M  .cts
15.K  .7.89.cts.closed.source
16.M  .L.cts
17.K  .cts
18.M  .ps.cts
19.L  .MN
20.L  .intell.designs.open.source
21.M  .Q.hack_z.open.source.bugz.bug_zilla.closed.source

Plz, refer to Myspace.com/Centralintellorganazation, four.unlimited.details.on.this.matter. Or I'll post.details.on.EIS.4um's
when they ALLOW post's again? "LOL"  ICQ# FOUR DONATATION/Tradewars + Answers, Private Zoc S'_Crip_Z, TM 2007 @ Sirreal60@,
Hotmail.com, Persoanl email#, Valachi.Michael@hotmail.com.
                                  All Respects,
                                        Kid Death, Jr. 2

Joined: Jun 2005

posted: 02/17/2007 at 01:52 PM Post #2

Uhm I have absolutely no idea what you just said... but there are a number of open source ts scripts. There's already a public worldSST and SSF written by Xide. The rest... make absolutely no sense at all.

Your myspace page appears down, fyi. I'm not sure TW is really an RPG, even.

edited by: Dnyarri on 02/17/2007 at 01:53 PM

The NavHaz Junction - http://www.navhaz.com

Joined: Jan 2006

posted: 02/17/2007 at 02:58 PM Post #3

What? looks like it should be more under twx then zoc. I dont see one rexx script listed. i could be missing something though with all the weirdness in that post.
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