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Grimy Admin

Joined: Feb 2005

posted: 06/26/2005 at 10:46 AM Post #1

To make a long story short, a few weeks ago the server that the site was previously hosted on crashed and was auto-restored to a point several weeks prior to the crash.  The restoration point was before the forums were active and before some scripts had been posted and user accounts created.  This is why several people that had previously used the site suddenly had their accounts disappear.  Along with this, we lost all FTP contact with the site so I was unable to post any news as to what was occurring.

We've been trying for the past two weeks to get a more recent backup of the site but were never able to get any real results. So the site has been moved to an entirely new hosting service that has already proved to provide much faster service and will backup the site daily in the future in case such an event happens again. 

The bad news is that to move on without getting the more recent backup from the previous host I've had to restart the forum and script databases from scratch. The forum area had just been started about a week before the crash so not that much was lost, however we had over 40 scripts in the library that will have to be replaced.  I'll be contacting the authors to ask them about re-uploading their public scripts. So stay tuned, I hope that we can get most of the library recovered in a few days.

Because of all the changes in moving to the new host I may have overlooked something in the process -- if you get an error or notice something not working properly please let me know.  Thanks for all your patience with the site.

Contact me for any issues with the site.

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