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posted: 12/10/2005 at 04:10 PM Post #1

For months I've been having connection problems. When connecting, I had to enter my pw on each page. Specifically, something was preventing by brower from accepting cookies from this site, even when I had it configed to do so. Couldn't d/l or post that way. It was fixed when I d/led Firefox. Later, the problem reappeared. I THINK it was because I rebooted my computer. Since someone suggested that it was a firewall problem, I deleted the Foxfire and installed Netscape instead. I can post again now. I am using Windows Firewall and the problem doesn't go away when I turn it off. I looked at the regedit and saw now mention of this site as being blacklisted by the firewall but I know it is. The firewall must have its own blacklist file somewhere else. Today I resat the firewall to the settings that were when it was installed but to no effect. I still had to install a new browser to cure the problem.

Right now I'm afraid to reboot to cause the firewall to list Netscape as one of the browsers on the system and block Grimy from being d'led nor posted to. Is there a way to configure Grimy as a good site in Windows Firewall?

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posted: 12/12/2005 at 12:53 PM Post #2


Hit me up on ICQ sometime again on this.  I would leave Windows firewall disabled for a bit when trying to troubleshoot this. It should be something to do with your cookie settings.  If you aren't allowing them, or they are being deleted with each page refresh then it would cause the problem you are describing.  Do you have any other web blocking programs running? 


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