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Other Dark Corners of the Trade Wars Universe
TWX Proxy  The standard scripting language of most players today. Xide is retiring so 2.03 may be its last version.
Swath's Homepage  A popular helper with support for Java, Rexx and TWX scripts. Features a great visual mapping function. ** Also provides a Test Server with Tedit access **
Zoc's Homepage  Powerful telnet program that is favored by many players for its flexiblity.
TW-Attac's Homepage  ATTAC is a fully scriptable Tradewars helper compatible with existing REXX/ZOC scripts. Compatible with TWXSync real-time data synchronization.
EIS Online  The Official home of Trade Wars. It has a great forum with lots of tips, strategy, and game announcements.
The Cabal's Secret Hideout  A comprehensive guide to TW's formula's and strategy - great reference guide.
Vulcan's Forge  A great site for games and Trade Wars information.
TWXSync  earth's real-time synchronization server for compatible Tradewars Helpers.
Lost Traders Tavern  Cherokee's script and information page - great haggle explanation.
TWGS Forum  Popular forum for general Trade Wars dicussion and flames.
ElderProphet's Weblog  A discussion of his research into the ultimate haggle routine.
Blacksun TWGS  Vader's site - he has a great server with lots of low turn games.
AlienBase TWGS  River Rat's site - One of the longest running servers, very stable and good turn-out.
The Stardock  Current news and game updates from the world of TW.
Damage Unlimited  Homepage of their perma corp and a few public scripts.
Ship Destroyed  Home of The OUTFIT - A good bit of smack talk and cap files.

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