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Mind ()ver Matter Bot -- Version: 3.1032    Updated: 04/09/2010    Downloads: 1511 by 433 Users

Some of the bot features:


Self commands can be accessed using the > key or the up arrow key. For example. >citkill on
would fire up the citkill script (Must be at citadel). You can access which commands are available by doing >? or >help at the command prompt.

The self command prompt keeps a history of the last 100 commands entered. You can access the history by pressing the UP arrow once for each step backwards.


You can access many of the bot commands by using predefined hot keys. The hot keys can be accessed by pressing >help or >? and are as follows:

I will further document each command at a later time.
<TAB-K> Auto Kill From citadel, the bot will fire up citkill. If you are at the command menu it will attempt to kill any non-corpie. If in Fed it will NOT attack Federals or any fed safe player. It also will avoid empty ships and aliens.
<TAB-C> Auto Capture TAB-C does the same but captures instead of kills.
<TAB-A> Auto Capture Alien Captures alien ships if ship statistics are in bot file. You can add an alien ship to bot file if you are in the ship and use >storeship.
<TAB-TAB> Stop Current Mode Sets current bot mode to general. Kills current bot mode.
<TAB-R> Auto Refurb If at class 0 or class 9 port, will buy as many shields and fighters as possible very quickly.
<TAB-D> Dock Macros If at Stardock prompt, it will load Dynarri's Dock Kit menu.
<TAB-S> Surround Surrounds sector.
<TAB-H> Holo-Torp Holoscans and fires photon at non-corpies.
<TAB-X> Exit Enter Exit and Enters game quickly - must have password defined.
<TAB-M> Mow Mow - accessible from stardock, corp, computer, terra, and command prompt.
<TAB-T> Terra Macros If at Terra prompt, it will load Terra Kit menu.
<TAB-F> Fast Foton Starts/Ends Planet Foton.
<TAB-P> Planet Macros If at Planet prompt, it will load Psi's Planet Macros.
<TAB-Z> Clear Sector Clears Sector of all armids and limpets using exit/enters.
<TAB-Q> Quick Script Quick Script Loading Menu
<TAB-~> Preferences Preferences Menu


If you are going to use script hot keys, in your TWX directory you will need the following file: _MOM_HOTKEYSCRIPTS.TXT This file allows you to set paths for quick script loading. The file should be formatted something like this on each line:

[path] [script name]

scripts/MOM/MOM_PDrop1_88.ts ""PDROP""
scripts/MOM/MOM_UnlimitedGridder2_07.ts ""UNLIM GRIDDER""
scripts/MOM/MOM_LoginKiller.ts ""LOGIN KILLER""
scripts/MOM/MOM_PlanetGridder1_25.ts ""PLANET GRIDDER""
scripts/MOM/MD_PlanetStripper.ts ""STRIPPER""
scripts/MOM/World_Planet_Stripper.ts ""WORLD PLANET STRIPPER""
scripts/2_WorldTrade.ts ""WORLD TRADE""
scripts/MOM/phx_SectorList.ts ""PHX SECTOR LIST""
scripts/MOM/MOM_GridClearing1_5.ts ""LIMP GRID""

You can list a total of 10 scripts in this way. This is NOT the same as adding a command to the bot. This is simply adding access to external scripts. This will number them accordingly 1, 2, 3 ect... Tab-Q will show a list menu of the scripts, but you can fire it off each directly by TAB-1, TAB-2, TAB-3...etc.


Corpies can access each of the commands by subspace calls. For example, if my bot name is jack. a corpie could send on subspace: "jack citkill on" and that would fire up my citkill (assuming you logged in already).

You can get a list of the commands and modes available by doing either >help or >? or those commands on subspace by doing 'botname help or 'botname ?


This is an important part of the bot. Do you have a favorite script that you want to access through the bot? Well, now you can add in your own bot command WITHOUT editing the source code of the bot. Compile the script and re-name the file to the name of the command you want.

Example: You have your own tri-conn script. You compile it and rename it Tricon.cts. Place that file in the modes directory under the Cashing sub. Then you can call the command through the bot. You do not have to restart the bot after adding in a script module. Just simply call it using >tricon or 'jack tricon

An example of turning a standalone script into a bot script can be found in the MomBot directory called StripExample.ts

It's a plug and play way to add/remove bot commands.
Release Notes:
Thanks to Parrothead's help, the advanced menu works great in SWATH.

If you want to use the history feature and edit the command line in SWATH you must:

Create 4 macro's in SWATH called uparrow, downarrow, rightarrow, leftarrow
uparrow ^(1c)
down arrow ^(1d)
right arrow ^(1e)
left arrow ^(1f)

Create 4 triggers in SWATH to call these macros and it will now treat the arrow keys the same as in ZOC or any other terminal for the bot.

Also fixed IG module.
Added Page Feature
Added left and right arrow Hotkey functionality
Added Down arrow self command functionality
Now external modules override internal built in commands. (Example: Ping is built in, but if you put a new ping file in the command directory, it will use that instead.)

Installation instructions:
Just extract the MOMBot folder from the .zip file and place the MOMBot folder into your twx scripts folder. It must NOT be /scripts/MOMBot/MOMBot. It MUST be /scripts/MOMBot. The scripts folder is located inside the twx folder.
Release Notes:
Updated From Version 3.1031
Note: 3.1032 was under my Account for far too long. I have no excuse except to say I completely forgot about it, with a little bit of lazzyness mixed in. Lonestar
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Category: Utility (ZTM, Resource, etc.)     Platform: TwxProxy 2.04    Author: Mind ()ver Matter

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