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Script Uploading Policy - Mar. 23, 2007
This site was created for TW players to share their own scripts with the community. Please do not upload and take credit for scripts that you did not write or are simply renamed copies of other peoples hard work - it is stealing. Any such scripts will be removed from the database. The FedComm Forum is a great place to learn scripting or to ask for assistance in creating your own material.

TWX Proxy 2.04 (Final) is Released! - Jan. 23, 2007
All known bugs have been fixed, no less than 20 commands have been added, and some of the most important internal processes have been optimized to improve performance.

Just to hightlight some of the new or improved features...

*** Breadth-first searches have never been easier, thanks to a new command, getNearestWarps, which creates an array of sectors sorted from nearest to farthest. All that is left is stepping through this array checking your near-search criteria.

*** getCourse and getDistance have been tweaked to offer roughly a 10x speed increase over pervious versions.

*** There is now an internal avoids list that is used for all of TWX's internal plots, which getCourse and getNearestWarps (among others) take into account.

Many more changes and enhancements documented in the Changes.txt and Script.html files, so please read thoroughly.

I hope you all enjoy this release as much as I've enjoyed developing it.


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